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by Increasing Site Efficiency
Real Time metrics - User Behavior - Advanced eCommerce - AI powered SEO - Traffic quality indicators - Instant integration
AFS Analytics for Shopify
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Make your website smarter

From User Behavior to Ad Campaign Performances, AFS Analytics helps you, day after day, gather, stock, quantify and analyze essential metrics of your website or online store.

This sum of knowledge acquired over time will soon constitute one of your most valuable asset. A priceless resource to help you grow your online business.


Get a clear vision of what is happening on your website

Never wait to know what is happening. With key data monitored in real time, analyzed and displayed in continuously updated reports, you will be able to monitor at any time the performance of your website.

Real Time monitoring and reporting

... and see what is coming

Every day, from the very first hours, Machine learning and AI based forecasts will help you to detect any new major trend. Will your website experience through the day an unusual traffic spike? Will your online store sales break a new record? You will know even before it happens.

Predictive analytics

Increase 168幸运飞行艇开奖历史查询 user experience and site efficiency

Stop losing visitors, sales, because of design errors. Learn where or when your users get confused, which actions they are unable to complete. Separate what is working from what is not.

Events tracking

Learn to know your visitors, understand their needs

Discover what they are searching for, how they navigated on your website. See which pages get the most attention. Identify returning visitors and members. Be alerted every time someone important visits your website.

Detailed visitor profile
Visitor journey
System info

Boost your SEO strategy

Identify keywords search engines are hiding from you. Discover which search term get you the most qualified traffic and sales. Monitor new backlinks, keywords ranking from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Advanced SEO
AI Powered Keywords discovery

Get the most of your Ad dollars

Get Newsletter and AD Campaign key metrics from an Independent party. Stop wasting dollars in inefficient campaigns. Monitor traffic quality. Detect fake users, robots and zombies.

Ad Campaign advanced tracking
Quality traffic indicators
Zombies detection

Increase your online store performances

Monitor every aspect of your online shop. Find out which AD Campaign generates the most revenue, and those that are performing poorly. See which search terms are most profitable. Follow in real time multiple KPI.

Advanced eCommerce analytics

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    And if you are one of those geeks, various packages are freely available to make your task easier.

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    Your website metrics are already available for you to monitor in real time.

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